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I have added a new drush command in features.drush.inc. Why did I create this option?

I find myself many times wanting to see all the differences between our enabled features. Here are the normal steps I do to diff all the features not in their default state...

Whenever I want to make a change to the database on multiple environments I will use the recommended hook_update_N method within my_module.install.

But, what if, while on the dev environment, you discover your update hook didn't do what you wanted it to do and now needs to be modified? Modifying a function and testing it can be done easily but these update_N hooks only get fired once. Meaning, you would have to either increment N to be higher (hook_update_N+1) or change your schema_version within the system table for my_module.install.

Or you can use drush...

If you work with a large dev team and have never used git flow (I assume you are already using git), I would highly recommend making git flow and git flow completion part of your development life cycle.

I ran into several issues recently when installing these two features on a CentOS 6 box. I finally was able to get a successful install by doing the following:


I built a Drupal 7 site recently that uses commerce. On each product page is a registration form (think ubercarts+events). I was able to get all working very well, rigorously tested. First let me describe my setup, in case it helps someone else.

As you can see from my site (right columns) I am an avid fairtax supporter. This week I read an interesting presentation of the effective fairtax rate, which I thought was compelling and would be supported by most Americans.

While writing a custom module with it's own content type, I needed to add a menu_local_task to node/x/edit path AND for it to only show up when editing the custom content type. Adding a menu local task is easy, but hiding it from other content types proved fruitless. And, it seems many others had similar needs and problems.

We have a new member in our family, Florzinha (Little flower), a seven week old rabbit.

Went to move a site from a shared environment to less shared :) and came against this issue.

If you have been listening to the news lately I'm sure you have heard that our taxes are going to go up, on the state level and federal level.

If you want to fax multiple pages to a fax machine with Microsoft's Fax Console,  here is how you do it.

A friend forwarded me an email the other day. I normally don't read forwards but this one I did. My question to the community (the wolrd wide web :-]): Is this story based on a true story? I am curious to know.

Last month Nancy Pelosi brought up "tax reform" and the idea of a National Sales Tax. That is the second or third time this year she has brought it up. Not to mention President Obama, he brought it up early in the year.