baby levi

In case most of you don't know, baby Levi died early Tuesday (Oct 9th) morning. My brother and his wife did get to see baby Levi alive on the life support machines for several hours before pulling the plug. Levi was determined to be brain dead from the moment of impact.

It was last Tuesday, 8 days ago from today that my mother called and said when the funeral would be and gave me an update on how everybody was doing. There was a lot to do during those
two days of getting ready for the funeral. Unfortunately I wasn't able to update people who had been praying for my family. So, hopefully this will serve as a belated update and post update.

My brother and sister in law are back into the hospital due to head injuries. Unfortunately little Levi has not been buried, I am beginning to wonder when they will begin their chance of mourning Levi.

They now have plenty of family support around them, visiting the hospital often. Alisha is still having double vision while Matt is leaking something from his ear (right), the docs think it might be the fluid around the brain.

As of today we still don't know when Levi will be buried. :(

Despite the whole mess my parents seems to be in high spirits and doing what they can to help Matt and Alisha. Funeral plans are underway but not confirmed. I do know that the burial will be where Grandpa Doug is buried.

Monday night I was watching a special on "sports science" when the phone rang. It was my cousin, phoning to inform me of some bad news. She explained my step-brother was in a bad car accident, much was uncertain.

From the sound of her voice, it was apparent that she and other family members were very emotional about the whole accident. From what we know, it seems my brother was on his way home with his family, Wife, 18 month old son, and 5 year old daughter. They were traveling on a highway coming up to an intersection. Their light was green while the other truck, perpendicular, was running the red light.