If you have been listening to the news lately I'm sure you have heard that our taxes are going to go up, on the state level and federal level.

If you want to fax multiple pages to a fax machine with Microsoft's Fax Console,  here is how you do it.

Before I begin I must confess I am not a big trader. Matter of fact, I enjoy practicing trading currencies within a demo account at From my understanding of how the demo account works, you place your trades based on real-time data. But my trade doesn't effect the real data.

Today I logged in to Google Adwords and began managing my ads. A few clicks later I got the "sorry" message. Usually, if you reload a few back pages you don't have re-login - bypassing this message. But not today, Google decided to block my every attempt to get into my Adwords account.

I know this is the unpopular stance but I can't find a better reason to change it. After seeing the burning down the house video(s) on youtube, it became even harder to reason this bailout bill.

Over the past year some online services have popped up offereing busienss owners the ability to spy on their competitors.

I am happy to report that my server came in today, all 105lbs of it! I couldn't believe that thing weighed so much. In case anyone is interested in the specs of it:

Dell PE 6650 - 2x3.0/4M 4G-8 P3DC 1x73G(10K) 2x146G(10K)

If I wanted I could add two more cores, two more drives, and 28 more gigbyte of ram.

Why am I buying a server? It is pretty simple. The savings over time. The server itself plus shipping was a little under $1,900. I currently pay $167 for renting a dedicated server. $167x12 = $2004/year. But, this server package is limited, it does not have the same specs as the server I just purchased.

If I upgraded my rented dedicated server at dedicated now my monthly costs would be $667.50/month or $8010/year.

I'm excited to know that my blogging website now has a page rank of four. It only took about 1.5 years!!! With the page rank of four, I guess I can now start blogging for major blogging companies!

I really enjoy blogging. I've been writing for/journaling/blogging for somewhere around 14 years now. Writing has fundamentally changed my life, al
low me to express myself privately and publicly. When you start writing to the online world you begin to think a little bit more about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Not to mention if your English is correct. Nobody wants to look like a dummy :(