business is picking up

It has been a few months since I posted so I thought I would crank out a few lines here.

Business is starting to pick up, for web development. Josh and I are working on our first client for Shoco Pro. I have one more section to write for the Shoco Lite manual then Josh will wrap it up then put a face on the domain, In case someone wants to know why Shoco, as a name, it represents Shopping Comparison.

I am considering of advertising locally to gain a few more clients for web services. There is a company in town whom I called yesterday, to find out their rates and services. I was shocked to hear they charged $85/hour plus a monthly fee of at least $40 (depending on how many modules you install) upto $250. If you have a simple design, like really simple, it might be worth it, depending on how you look at things. For someone who cares less about owning their own code or website, then their solution might be good for them.

You can get a new design in place for 20 hours of labor (estimated), that is $1700, plus 2 years of hosting & modules, and $349 one time fee, that comes out to $3009 for two years of ownership OR $125.38 per month. To me that is too expensive! Especially knowing you don't own the code. If you don't pay on time, technically, this company can yank down your web presence.

I was daring and asked how much it would cost for me to host it myself, get ready for this, $100k. What, are you insane? I didn't quite say it that way, but as you can imagine I was shocked. He said to protect their code blah blah blah it needs to be that price. Hello, have you ever heard of "encoding"? That is a lame excuse. Then, I began to wonder, I wonder if this is some open source like Drupal or Joomla, that he just stuck a label on and called it his? It is possible I suppose.

Well, that led me to believe there is room for another web developer in this town. I am lining up my contacts and will begin to explore this as a way to put more food on the table (we are thinking of having another child!) and to pay my bills.

Once Shoco gets moving this will be a good source of revenue as well. We will be busy, which busy is good during these online days. Making a name for yourself/company online is not all that easy as some might think. Well, it is easier if you have lots of money to build brand, awareness etc.

More importantly, life should be enjoyed, with or without money, with love or no love, with work or no work - because we are only here for a short moment and with a flash, we are no more. Scary for some, exciting for others! I am with the "others".


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