I have added a new drush command in features.drush.inc. Why did I create this option?

I find myself many times wanting to see all the differences between our enabled features. Here are the normal steps I do to diff all the features not in their default state...

Whenever I want to make a change to the database on multiple environments I will use the recommended hook_update_N method within my_module.install.

But, what if, while on the dev environment, you discover your update hook didn't do what you wanted it to do and now needs to be modified? Modifying a function and testing it can be done easily but these update_N hooks only get fired once. Meaning, you would have to either increment N to be higher (hook_update_N+1) or change your schema_version within the system table for my_module.install.

Or you can use drush...

I will be heading into Portland mid afternoon today (Sunday). I would love to meet and catch with the drupalers I often interact with (but have never met)! Are you a fan of Catan? Come battle with us during the after hours (and Monday).


I built a Drupal 7 site recently that uses commerce. On each product page is a registration form (think ubercarts+events). I was able to get all working very well, rigorously tested. First let me describe my setup, in case it helps someone else.

While writing a custom module with it's own content type, I needed to add a menu_local_task to node/x/edit path AND for it to only show up when editing the custom content type. Adding a menu local task is easy, but hiding it from other content types proved fruitless. And, it seems many others had similar needs and problems.

I thought I would share with the rest of the community this great little time saver.

I am just reaching out to the Drupal community to let those who knew me by mcneelycorp, that I am now elvis2. I wish there were a more formal way of announcing this, like through sticky signatures. Why the name change?

My 4 year old knows I work with Drupal. Sometimes she will rush to the keyboard and klak her fingers on the keys looking for attention. When I ask her what she is doing she repsonds "making a website - like you daddy".

During the last few days I have been working on a module that automates updating product information from distributors.