Elvis is going to Drupalcon!

That is right, I am going to Drupalcon next month. I am darn excited too!
For those who don't know what Drupalcon is, you first need to know what is
Drupal... Why I love Drupal... The official Drupal site... Then you can read about Drupalcon...

Back to Drupalcon. I am sharing a room with oadeah (thanks Jason!) at the Courtyard Boston-South Boston. It seems several other Drupal shops and well known Drupaler's will be at the same hotel, I feel privileged.

I am stoked! The sessions I plan to go to are mostly in the "Marketing and Business" and "Site Building" tracks. I plan to attend many of the Tutorial Sessions as well. When the accepted sessions are posted I will list the ones I plan to register with.

While I am there I would like to meet some Drupal Shop owners and network with them. I have lots of questions (be prepared shop owners) and hope to learn everything needed to grow my freelance services into a Drupal shop.

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