Followup / Reminder - Quicker Drupal Adoption - Forum Challenge

Tomorrow is the start of the “Quicker Drupal adoption: The 10 minute challenge”. The original post brought a good amount of feedback, which I am summarizing and will post a follow-up in the coming days. I hope some of the comments/ideas get implemented.

I am making Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays the days I contribute to the challenge. Some of the feeds and questions I will be looking for are related to the theme layer, admining, form_alters(), Drupal coding standards, and directing questions to handbook pages as well as the issue queue - thanks to “catch” for bringing that up.

What do I look to get out of this challenge? I want to see if the challenge makes any inkling of a difference for newbies and the community in whole. One thing I would like to have access to, or someone to share later, are forum stats. Where people are currently going to get answers (which posts), how they got there, how often (how many clicks/time on the site) are anonymous and authenticated users finding they want etc. A 30 day snapshot of before and after the challenge would be nice. Along with that, to know download rates during those 30 days too.

I don’t think this challenge is going to drive up lots of quick and noticeable changes in the community right away. But with small architectural changes in the forums, over time, I am certain stats will show the Drupal adoption rate rise. I also think the Drupal redesign team would find these before and after stats helpful to see just what role the Drupal forums play and how we (the community) can make it serve Drupal newbies better, thus rising the Drupal adoption rate.

If you're familiar with Drupal in any capacity, I encourage you to take part in this challenge. As I harped in the last post, focus on your Drupal strengths and be open to learn more about Drupal as your guide and help others in the forums.

I hope the challenge will be fun and ignite a small spark in you - for the Drupal community. Oh, we can’t forget about Druplicon! And for the love of Druplicon :)


How's this been going? I've put in a couple of ten minute bursts here and there although I'm easily distracted by the issue queue.

@catch, Hi. I had a slow start due to some medical things and visiting the dentist (yikes) early this week. Overall I have found myself helping in the beginners section; giving suggestions and providing links to documentation. I am surprised how much time is involved in building these posts. Later in the week I may switch on to other forum sections just to get a variety of responses going.

I have found that by participating I am learning and appreciating the documentation that is already available on

I watch the Drupal Talk and Planet posts daily and I have not seen anyone mention the new structure of the documentation pages. I think it is blog worthy for a few of us to write a post of the new structure and how much information is there. If not anything, at least will gain some outside backlinks to those important document sections.

Thanks for asking!

hai, This section will be more useful for the beginners to go round the drupal installation and implementation of the modules