Migrating to Drupal from Wordpress just got easier

Thanks to Joshua over at AddingUnderstanding.com for taking the time to blog about two Drupal modules that help WordPress users migrate to Drupal.

I wanted to followup with why WordPress users would want to do such a thing and a trend I predict will unfold over the coming years.

Wordpress is a great CMS mostly used for bloggers. WordPress has plenty of modules to add to your WP CMS but many WP users are finding that Drupal is a better fit for scaling and growing your website needs.

I predict overtime more and more WordPress and Joomla users will decide to switch to Drupal. There are two main reasons for this: 
1) to have access to all the modules that Drupal contributers provide the community.
2) Drupal support is much better than other CMS', primarily because the Drupal community is so active and large.

I hangout in the Drupal related channels on freenode. It is not uncommon for WordPress users to come in and ask how to migrate to Drupal. Not easy to answer in one or two lines. Thanks to Yann Rocq who made the Drupal module Wordpress Import, allowing WP bloggers to move their data over to Drupal, now that answer just got a whole lot simplier.

If you are new to Drupal and want to consider this option for your WP CMS, first I would recommend reading about the Drupal CMS and the Drupal features. Then move over to the Drupal tutorials to read up on how to Install Drupal, adding modules to theming the Drupal CMS.

Once you are confident enough to migrate your WP data you can download Drupal and the Wordpress Import module. Be sure to read the README.TXT file of the module and refer to Joshua's notes near the bottom of his posts. Happy migrating!


I strongly suggest to anyone converting from Wordpress to Drupal using the excellent wp_migrate, as I just did, to have a good think about whether you want to keep the current look of your site or change to a new one. The reason being: it is not always easy to keep the look or the structure.

@Jerry, I edited your comment, no garbage backlinks allowed here. I find that disrespectful.

Drupal is so powerful. I worked with it dailyduring this computer programming gig last summer.

WP is good for starters, but Drupal is God!

Nice post by the way...

@Tarik, yes, Drupal is powerful. I am glad you enjoyed working with Drupal. Do you have any Drupal related projects going ATM?

Hi there! I hope that it is not too late to leave a comment here but I think that my info will help if not you then someone else. So, yes, Drupal is a very powerful CMS platform which is great for those who have deep coding knowledge when WordPress is an amazing tool for any lay-users. But nevertheless, if you want to migrate your content from WordPress to Drupal there is a tool for you which is called cms2cms. It does its job perfectly. Well, to make sure you can run demo.