New 3rd party Drupal module - revenue based shopping comparison coming

I am working towards releasing a revenue sharing module back to the community. The module is based off a shopping comparison api, much like the Amazon module. This module will allow medium to large sites to leverage their traffic outside of advertising banners, Google Adsense etc. Unfortunately it will require Drupal 6 and PHP 5*.

This new module (it doesn't have a name yet) will offer revenue sharing shopping comparison in five currencies, over 200 product categories, more than 400 merchants, and supposedly 1+ million products. That translates to a lot of content, user options, and better overall site/user stickiness. You can see a similar example of this module in action at Camera Prices. The site only utilizes the photography related categories.

Here is how it works. When installing the module you need to visit a third party site to sign up, get an access key, and agree to the terms of the content use. Once done, you plug your API key into the main module settings and setup which currency, product categories, how often to run cron, and a few other things. On submit your product categories will automagically populate. Each category page load will automagically populate product content as well. Product categories and products themselves are nodes so you can do all sorts of mashups.

Out of the box users will be able to access a shopping comparison section with product categories, store offers per product, product specs, and product ratings. The revenue sharing has not been decided yet but the talk is it will be tiered structured. The more quality traffic you have the more revenue you get. Tests indicate the revenue share out performs Google Adsense. Each month you will get a PayPal payment sent to you automatically.

I wish I could predict when this module will be ready. I will only be working on it in my spare time. I do hope to have it in beta by mid summer.

If you have any thoughts/questions/feature requests let me know.


I thought I would add an update to this post. I took some time last night to update this module from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5. I made some decent progress but have a few issues. I guess loading node pages from D4.7 to D5 has changed so I have to sort that out. There are some database schema issues that need sorting too.

Right now categories and product related data is loading. I need to learn how to cache the xml data, display data from cache, then on cron do all the database inserts. The other alternative would be to pull the xml data, then do the inserts, then either load the xml page or do a query to get the data. Why query the db when the xml is there? Simply for mashing up content types.

Using the current code it looks like this module won't be dependant of PHP 5* after all. I need to run it on a PHP4* environment to be sure though.

Update: I have moved the main thread about this module development to Drupal module for API. If you want to post a comment please do it from the above link.

I'm the author of the Backup and Migrate module and if you have the time and inclination, I'd love talk to you about what happened here and maybe try and figure out exactly what went wrong. If my module did indeed go rogue, I want to figure out why so that nobody else runs into this.If you are willing to take a little time for a post-mortem, I'd really appreciate it. Drop me a line on my contact form ( so we can go over it.