We have a new member in our family, Florzinha (Little flower), a seven week old rabbit.

If you have been listening to the news lately I'm sure you have heard that our taxes are going to go up, on the state level and federal level.

Evan Bayh says he is for smaller government and less taxes.

A friend forwarded me an email the other day. I normally don't read forwards but this one I did. My question to the community (the wolrd wide web :-]): Is this story based on a true story? I am curious to know.

Last month Nancy Pelosi brought up "tax reform" and the idea of a National Sales Tax. That is the second or third time this year she has brought it up. Not to mention President Obama, he brought it up early in the year.

I am pleased to hear that some democrat congress members are beginning  to use sound logic when mulling over the