American Express Executive Offices - Phone & Address

American Express Executive Offices

American Express Executive Office
( aka Executive Customer Service)

American Express
200 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10285
(800) 297-6197
or (212) 640 - 2000

Card holders, tired of getting no where with American Express customer service? Give the Executive Offices a call and raise your issue.

When calling, be sure to let the executive office customer service rep know who you talked to (name and employee id), date, and the issue - when you called amex customer service. You are sure to get your issue resolved much quicker.



Is your Travel+Leisure Elite Travel program "Airline Companion Ticket" legitimate or a scam? Since June 2009 I have fulfilled all the steps required & have not received either the required magazine or the 2 airline tickets -- or received any sensible answer in a call to customer service. I did not expect this kind of treatment from a company like American Express & any company it sponsors or owns, such as Travel+ Leisure magazine. I did my part--when do you do yours?