Virginia Tech Shooting

How sad is this. I do not know where to start. First, my deepest sympathies for all the victims & parents, including the killer's too.

How do you wrap your mind around this type of thing? One minute all is fine and you are taking notes the next a man rushing into your classroom with a gun - with intent to kill. I imagine the moment your classmate is shot dead your world is torn into two. Normal and Chaos. Then, once things settles, you know Chaos still looms, it could be tomorrow or next week this happens again in another town/city. For that matter it could be this evening. Just thinking about this creates a since of "no control" or "fear. A very scary thing. Wow, what a mind bender.

I wonder if that state of Chaos is similar to what it will be like when Jesus returns and on the day we meet our Maker? The Bible says when the rapture takes place that people will scream and pull their hair out because they know that it is too late, they didn't place their faith in this man named Jesus. At that very moment, I imagine will be like the students in the class knowing they are about to be shot at with intent to be killed.

The Bible says for those who don't repent and turn away from their sins will face eternal death, a place out of reach from God and his creation. That scares me, to not exist any more. If God created all the universe and heaven has been around always, then to be outside of all that means to not exist. To be no more.

I have no point in this post but just how scary it would be knowing you are going to die within seconds with no control over what will take place. The other thing I would say is, if you believe in life after death, please please make sure you are safe after you pass from this life. There are a lot of teachings out there and all of them can't be "the answer". Test your religion and be sure it is "bullet proof" and has a long history of accuracies. Don't beleive everything you hear - here and there, dig deep and search thoughtfully.

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