If you have been listening to the news lately I'm sure you have heard that our taxes are going to go up, on the state level and federal level.

Evan Bayh says he is for smaller government and less taxes.

I am pleased to hear that some democrat congress members are beginning  to use sound logic when mulling over the

A local friend and judge shared with me the other day about his venture in blogging - to make aware of county court budget concerns. He and a colleague are using blogspot as their blogging space, Carroll County Courts Blog. A warm welcome from one blogger to another!

I am glad to see him using this method to educate and make public what normally is not easy to find (or expensive to publish in local papers). Already their law colleagues have written about their blog and their efforts.

Yesterday we went to Katrina's birthday. Katrina is a friend of Stela. It was a nice time; food, nice people, and lots of kids running around. I got to talk to an old friend I haven't seen in several years, Carla. She is a funny person.

Stela had a good time playing with the other kids and Katrina's toys too. It is good to see her start to interact with other kids.

It seems my wife liked the party as well. There were several people there speaking Portuguse, her native language. She doesn't get to do that too often within a group.