I sat down at my desk this morning to read my e-mail and suddenly the phone rang. This man on the other end with a burly voice said, without first saying hello, Bush Menshaw can kick your ass. I thought, what a great way to start a phone conversation. I knew before answering the phone (caller id) that it was not a friend or relative, so at this very moment I was thinking he had the wrong number. Sometimes it's fun to play long with the joke so in this case that's exactly what I did.

Yes, it is true. I was installing a electrical box (110v) and did not shut the power off. Why? Well, stupidity I guess. Mostly because I didn't want to check each breaker (not labeld) and end of messing up the clocks in the house. I have done this in the past successfully but this time around I got into a hurry and ended up touching the wrong parts. This is the worst shock I have experienced, it went through both my arms then across my chest, after that I was pushed back some two feet or so.