Went to move a site from a shared environment to less shared :) and came against this issue.

If you want to fax multiple pages to a fax machine with Microsoft's Fax Console,  here is how you do it.

A client recently requested ffmpeg to be installed on the server. I have done this in the past on a client's box but he had a different OS setup.

Problem: Just like you, I really hate sitting down to begin my work day only to find myself wasting the first 10 minutes removing spam. Though Firebird is smart, it still doesn't recognize junk mail as it should. I could build a ton of filters in Firebird but that is also time consuming, spammers are clever and will find a way to by pass filters and junk algorithms. What is a better solution?

I moved a few more accounts from the old server to the new server this evening. Once the accounts were setup I went to change the nameserver names at godaddy, where I keep most of my domains.


No more spam

Most of the web hates spam! Since my blog is being touched by spammers I wanted to send a message to all of you!

Today I logged in to Google Adwords and began managing my ads. A few clicks later I got the "sorry" message. Usually, if you reload a few back pages you don't have re-login - bypassing this message. But not today, Google decided to block my every attempt to get into my Adwords account.

FYI: I was surprised was down for 2 whole minutes this morning. It wasn't my connection, as I tried other sites and all loaded without delay. I don't recall this happening to me in the past nor others mentioning it.

Over the past year some online services have popped up offereing busienss owners the ability to spy on their competitors.

Congratulations to NewsWeek on a great usability web page. I stumbled on this article ( this evening and was surprised to see a clean yet usable "main" content page. I say "main content" referring to the article (left column).

If you take a look to the right of the article text you will see a bluish-gray box with a few eye catchy icons and links: Type Size, Print, Email, RSS, Social Networks, Links to this article. A little bit of play for every type of Web user. Let's see why this is a good fit for a broad base of Web users.