I have received a few emails from a folks sharing their
views on topics. I guess it is time to introduce some new features on this site
that will allow commenting and social sharing of content.

Ok folks, don't be fooled by this design. You are still visiting "Elvis Blogs", it says so in big bold letters at the top. Same content, just a little more coffee :)

Why the change? I wanted a design that speaks a bit more about me, who I am and what I might be doing while posting.

Coffee, a beverage I have learned is my friend. I also like tea, which black tea has more caffeine if you are a caffeine junkie. Just about every post I am sipping on coffee or tea. That is the same while I am programming or building a website. Coffee keeps me focused.

Saying that, enjoy the new design and I hope you gain a new perspective of each post knowing that coffee or tea had something to do with them.