As you can see from my site (right columns) I am an avid fairtax supporter. This week I read an interesting presentation of the effective fairtax rate, which I thought was compelling and would be supported by most Americans.

A client recently requested ffmpeg to be installed on the server. I have done this in the past on a client's box but he had a different OS setup.

The Lafayette Tea Party turnout was pretty good considering the size of our cities. Unfortunately I couldn't come early enough to see the pouring of the tea into the Wabash River.

Over the last few months I have been working on putting a server together, to host my and clients sites. Cutting monthly hosting costs and hardware additions (memory) was another reason for me to buy and manage my own server.

I thought this was funny... I just had to share...

I am glad to hear the leader of Al-Qaida has been captured. For some months now I have doubted this war will do any good.

Like most geeks we all had or have a Rubik's Cube. I never played with one growing up but over the years it seems my mind needs these kind of problems to solve.

I run LiteSpeed on my server and just love the performance it provides. During a recent Apache update the server decided not to restart on its own. After I discovered it I went in to WHM to restart Apache, forgetting that LiteSpeed doesn't restart on its own. Once done, I guess Apache changed some dir/files to "nobody" ownership. Suddenly some sites would not work.

Fortunately a server knowledgeable friend was online and helped spot the problem and a quick fix. To change all the files and directories to the correct ownership you need to login as root and run the following:

chown -R chown:chgrp /home/AccountName

Happy account name chown'ing!

Well it seems my candidate has a losing battle ahead of him. Last report I heard McCain needs 57 delegates to clinch the nomination. I saw McCain's interview last night on Larry King Live, a more friendlier McCain was on my TV compared to previously. That still doesn't change my stance on him being a war monger, nor how I feel about his understanding of our economy.

I figured Romney would pass his delegates on to McCain, simply for the chance of being the running mate and to show the republican party he has no interest in dividing the party. I feel this move though was really for his interest in 2012. Only time will tell.