Scary dream, Iran attacked Miller Stadium

This morning I woke up from a terrible dream. My wife, daughter and I were with some people that I do not recognize. A few of the people, and in my dream, seemed to be friends or someone I was close to. We were in somewhat of a classroom setting and having a competition. I can't remember the fine details of what the competition was but I just remember being in a building that seem to have a classroom setting and it was somewhat an old building and it reminded me of maybe a university building. My wife was somewhere else in the building and I remember seeing my daughter on the playground, with other children. So if you could take a snapshot of this dream and take a look at it, all would seem peaceful and normal.

Before I continue further, I do want to add, this dream wasn't just a normal dream, there was something different about it. Everybody knows that when a dream feels real, we distinguish it differently from other dreams that we know are simply dreams. But in this dream, it was not just real, it seemed to have meaning to it. Now, I have been known to read into things, so I will tell that upfront. This dream is based off of my experience and feelings and may not have any value whatsoever or any importance but nonetheless I still feel the same way.

So here I was in this room with these folks playing a game where each of us had to throw a key into something. What is that something, I am not sure. What I do remember quite well was a young boy grabbed his key and took it to the window, which was open, and he turned back and he said something along the lines of "I'm going to throw mine outside, let's see what happens". The rest of us knew that was a bad idea, for some reason. Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed, the people were not being as playful and full of smiles. And some of the people said no, do not throw the key outside. In my mind, I was also saying the same thing and I knew the moment the keys left the boy's hand something bad was going to happen.

It was a defining moment that we all see in movies where suddenly you knew what was coming up next. Well, maybe you knew how the next scene would end, but not how you would get there. In my dream, it was this case -- we knew something bad was going to happen but not how the bad thing would happen.

So the key left his hand and hit the ground. It was so quiet in the room that we all could hear it hit the ground and bounced up and hit something metal. The boy who threw the key just turned around and looked at us and said "see, nothing happened". The moment he said that the building shook like an earthquake was taking place. Things were falling, people were running and screaming, and outside something that I can't describe. The only way to explain it is by saying the land was moving as lava moves once spouted. My heart sank as I was concerned that something really terrible just happened. I was also concerned about my family, my wife and daughter. Dust was in the air and the TV no longer work. Someone did have a radio on and we were picking up a local station. I don't think it ran off electricity because it was a concern from others that the electricity was not working. So, here we are in a state of chaos, no electricity, no TV, dust in the air and smoke looming from a distance. A far distance.

The news reports on the radio were saying that a trailer in a local trailer park exploded and blew up. But I knew that was not true, that was not the case. A small bomb some miles away could not affect the rest of us, causing our state of chaos. In my dream, in my mind, I knew what happened. We were attacked and that chaos that we were experiencing was from a nuclear weapon. Others had picked up on the idea as well. I am not sure how we all knew this, but we began talking about the idea. Suddenly the police came on the radio and gave a brief statement to be calm and everything will be fine soon.
But a small group of us, who all had this idea that we were just attacked, knew that we were not okay.

I was concerned about radiation, I was not sure how far away the nuclear bomb hit, but I knew it had to be some small radius maybe a couple miles. Shortly thereafter, conspiracies began to rise that the government of the United States was in fear and did not want to announce that we were just attacked. The speculation was that the government did not want to attack back because it will cause a nuclear war, instead they wanted to lay low and act like the US did know what hit them. Our government did not want a nuclear war. But, at the same time, we were relying on the government to give us answers and to be truthful, which the small group of us knew that was not the case. There is no doubt in our mind what had happened and, the odd thing, there was no doubt in our minds who was responsible for the nuclear bomb. Iran.

We were not discussing any other countries, we were not hypothesizing that maybe Libya or Syria or major terrorist groups were involved, we all believed that Iran just bombed us. Shortly after that police report on the radio, another report came across the air that the smoke was coming from Miller Stadium. At this point in my dream, I felt like this was a specific hint or important clue that I needed to remember. In my mind, as I was dreaming, I was making mental notes for outside of the dream. I know that sounds odd and strange but that's the best way to explain it. The report said that there was a game or some event going on in the stadium and all the people were just wiped away from the blast. The walls around the stadium were no longer there and that there is total chaos and destruction all around that area, around the stadium.

At this point in the dream I had no doubt about the events or how to react. The first thing that we did constructively was began talking about how we will survive the next few weeks, as our government would need time to respond. We began assigning responsibilities out to different people within the group. We also talked about the idea of another bombing taking place, another attack, and what we felt we should do. We talked about shelter, buildings around us or building materials around us that might protect us from radiation or another bombing. At some point, from the time of the bombing to this meeting and planning, I was joined with my wife and daughter and was thankful that both were alive. No words were needed to come out of our mouths because we both knew what had happened.

That was pretty much the dream. I'm sure I'm leaving out some small fine details, but for the most part I don't remember all the fine details. What I think are defining moments in the dream are; the moment the guy launches the key and that Miller Stadium was mentioned. Again, this is just a dream. Some folks will just say that a dream is a dream and it has no real meaning and future events don't come out of dreams. But, I am one to disagree. I'm not saying that this dream is a prophetic dream, but I am saying that I believe this scripture "It will come about after this That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions." Joel 2:28 NASB.

When I have a dream like this, which are very rare, I tend to analyze a little bit. One of the first things I ask is, why would I have this dream? Was I thinking of the subject yesterday? Did I have a conversation recently about the subject? Do I have a fear about the subject? What have I been reading lately that might have mentioned Iran or nuclear weapons? I have been reading the book titled "Iran: The Coming Crisis: Radical Islam, Oil, and the Nuclear Threat" by Mark Hitchcock. But the last time I read any page of the book was well over a week. I ended up taking it back to the library a few days ago because it was overdue and someone had a hold on it. I was about halfway through the book, page 101,
if I remember correctly. Maybe that is why the dream came about. Or, maybe it was just some random dream that took place that my mind had concocted. Or, maybe it was a dream given by God himself. That is hard to believe at times, the Maker of the Heavens and Earth gives me a dream of the future, but I would not be the first nor the last to be given such a thing. Could this dream represent the near future? I hope not, I pray not.

Regardless of what the world thinks, or family and friends as well, I still want to note this and make it known. Mostly for myself, incase in the future I want to reference these events or dream. I encourage you to pick up this book and give it a chance. If you don't believe in the bible or it's validity then don't read this book. I welcome comments, use the form below. Thanks

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