This project was set aside last June, as I was working on it in my spare time. (aka SDC) is now pushing all it's partners to switch to the Version 3 platform within the next 6 months. Yikes! I figured I need to give this module more priority. Here is the progress so far, for Drupal 6. What is functional...

Some years back I had a module made to use's API, unfortunately the module never made it to nor has been updated for the newer versions of Drupal. I blogged about this shopping comparison drupal module several weeks back.

I spent some time tonight upgrading this shopping comparison module and I am one step (out of many more to come) closer to converting this module to Drupal 5. There are tons of small bugs that need to be removed as well as code rewrite.

I am working towards releasing a revenue sharing module back to the community. The module is based off a shopping comparison api, much like the Amazon module.