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I thought I would share with the rest of the community this great little time saver.

I am just reaching out to the Drupal community to let those who knew me by mcneelycorp, that I am now elvis2. I wish there were a more formal way of announcing this, like through sticky signatures. Why the name change?

My 4 year old knows I work with Drupal. Sometimes she will rush to the keyboard and klak her fingers on the keys looking for attention. When I ask her what she is doing she repsonds "making a website - like you daddy".

During the last few days I have been working on a module that automates updating product information from distributors.

This project was set aside last June, as I was working on it in my spare time. Shopping.com (aka SDC) is now pushing all it's partners to switch to the Version 3 platform within the next 6 months. Yikes! I figured I need to give this module more priority. Here is the progress so far, for Drupal 6. What is functional...

A client recently asked for SugarCRM integration with Drupal. I just wanted to report on my findings. There are two SugarCRM + Drupal solutions...

Problem: A client requested to show an error message on the /cart and cart/checkout page when the order shipping weight is greater than 500lbs. They are shipping grass seed and need the purchaser to complete the order over the phone.